Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heritage Livestock

The third Sunday of the first month of a new year~~hard to believe~~that elusive thing called time quietly cascading us into 2010.
With temps much warmer than they were the last couple of months of 2009 and the daylight stretching out a wee bit longer each day we start to contemplate what we will do come the spring. Yes we could go Sasquatch hunting but they are so elusive and I heard that they love strawberry jam so I am just going to look for a good place to put some strawberry jam out and let them come to us. Then we can make big, BIG money photographing them and selling the photos~~in the meantime...

We have always wanted to do something to preserve heritage breeds of this animal and that. Mostly interested in heritage breeds of cattle, chickens, pigs, but lately in my perusing around the net I have thought of other animals. Then one day when one of my knitting magazines that send emails to me had an article on wool they mentioned sheep. Not just any kind of sheep but an heritage breed called Soay Sheep! Now they have me so interested in them. Not a very big critter but very hardy, brought in to the areas of Scotland and England perhaps by the Vikings. They shed their wool. Are slow growing and on and on. An intriguing bit of info ~~so now where to find them in BC and just how much are these little critters going to cost one to have a breeding flock. Well the quest goes on.
Maybe I will look up heritage rabbits next!
Which brings me to dogs~~yes dogs it seems one of our pups is making himself famous. He was bought by a family that could not keep him in the yard for anything so they found him a new owner. An owner that had 52 sled dogs. With that number of sled
dogs this lady is busy to say the least. She keeps her dogs in shape and has them in agility courses. apparently she took the pup that was from our batch of pups down to the coast. He won hands down and is now being trained for some movie. Hmmm interesting. That pup is a year old now so a perfect age for training. Maybe I could interest her in some more pups for friends and neighbours. Move over Rintintin~~
Until I am rich and famous though I have these chores to do~ a sink full of dishes calling out my name, floors to sweep and wash, laundry piling up, some not so famous doggies and cats to feed. My non-heritage rabbits to feed and water and a chicken coop with a rooster named "Cornflakes" ruling the roost, that has to be cleaned today while the temps are half ways decent and before it hits 30 or 40 below again!
My thoughts wander off to Heritage seeds~~probably a lot cheaper than a Soay Sheep and perhaps easier to look after~~I think really in reality I do have no other choice but to live a very long life cause there are so many things I want to do or try like this fancy heritage knitting or was that heirloom knitting? Whatever. And then there is quilting I would love to be better than I am at it. Trying to teach yourself to quilt is always a challenge especially if you are me! LOL
What about heritage recipes? The list can just go on forever. It would be nice to find recipes that one can cook and eat too and not have the consequence of tighter pants. It is so annoying when the pants won't join in the middle.
So it is Sunday and I do not have a heritage anything as far as "things" go but I do have the LORD and He is my heritage.

For You, O God,
have heard my vows;
You have given me the heritage of those
who fear your name.
Psalm 61:5

May you be enjoying the heritage
of our LORD too
ps I did NOT take the photos of the Soay Sheep I found them on the net . I had never even heard of them till this last week.


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Good to hear from you. I was getting worried that you were working so hard you forgot about us. Enjoyed the post as always and look forward to hearing from you again. Take care and have a wonderful week.


Linda said...

Hey it's not our butts growing, its that darned cheaply imported fabric shrinking! I agree with you on living long so I can do all the things I'd like to do and like to learn to do! Hey if you put out some jam for the sasquatches maybe you'll catch some hungry critters to add to your " heritage" animals. haha