Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm sunday was a special Sunday to me as a child growing up. My family did not attend church. Although my dad believed in God or at least that there was a God he refused to go to church. My mother grew up in a household that argued about religion. And so she wanted nothing to do with religion. I was picked up as a young child by the Calvary Temple Sunday School bus on Sundays. My dad's mom had it set up for me. She was a big supporter of that church Pastor. I praise the LORD for that. As time went on we moved out of Kamloops to a small community and there I would go to one of the two very tiny churches. The Catholic church and the Anglican Church. I had to get myself off to church as I had no support from my family. Anyways I would get up early and dress myself and ride my bike the distance which was over a mile. I loved the traditions and that is one of the things I am thinking of now. Palm Sunday was so special to me. The waving of the Palm branches or the making of crosses out of palm leaves. No I did not ever learn to understand latin that the sermons or whatever they were called in the Catholic church were done in. But it all made a big impression on me.
These days I attend a home fellowship as there is no church out here. It is led by a Presbyterian Pastor and his Pastor wife. I attend the Alliance church if I go into town. I love our church family there. I guess I can honestly say though that they do not seem to have the old traditions that I came to love as a child. I am not saying that is bad. I just miss those traditions.
No matter what church one goes to I do pray that your Palm Sunday is a blessing to you. That you can carry the message of the day to the unreached.

"Hosanna to the Son of David!
'Blessed is He who comes in the
name of the LORD!'
Hosanna in the highest."
Matthew 21:9

Jesus is my LORD

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Loved the post. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and my husband was raised Baptist. I have not been to a Pentcostal church since I have been with him. There is a big difference between the two and I have to admit I also miss the "old traditions that I came to love as a child." Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.