Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicken Sweaters and Other Things

Well ~~where to start this posting is my challenge at the moment. Lately I fall asleep to the sounds of coyote voices singing away. Like hundreds of them at least that is the way it sounds but in reality there are probably very few of them. At least not in the hundreds!
I am excited that the sandhill cranes with their crazy wild sounding graaaacking songs are back. We have a little lake situated on the other side of the river from us and that is their favourite spot at the moment anyhow. All kinds of birds here. Lots of waterfowl as we have lots of water. Big huge puddles in the hayfields and the river and of course the little lake. I lo
ve watching their antics. There is an eagle that is constantly getting into fights with the ravens and crows too. An on goes the circle of life here at Blackwater River Ranch.
My husband has been off working at a ranch about 45 minutes past us. He phoned on their satellite phone last night which stayed on long enough for him to tell me he is coming home for an overnight visit tonight. I am excited about that. Not only that he is my husband and I miss him so it will be good to see him but also a human. It is nice to see other humans once in awhile. The animals around here are good listeners and a couple of them talk back to me but it would be nice to talk to an english speaking two-legged critter!
Yesterday morning I was trucking around the "net" just reading this and that mostly knitting and sewing sites. When I came across this article on chicke
n sweaters taken from a newspaper in maybe England (can't remember). So this lady rescues chickens from chicken batteries and brings them home and knits them sweaters to cover their poor naked bodies. It talks about the chickens losing their feathers giving one the impression that it is because they are in a chicken battery. They mentioned nothing about the plain fact that chickens molt ~~anyways I saved the picture to share here and as I usually always get any pics from free sites or from my own collection I have no idea if this is a legal pic stealing or illegal pic stealing so in other words if my next posting I am in behind bars eating meals I did not cook myself~~~weell at least drop me a line or two LOL. ps I can hardly wait to see the looks on folks faces here when I have chickens molting and they are all sporting nice fluffy handknit sweaters. I am glad my one daughter-in-law is getting interested in knitting I will have to get her right on that project!
I am in the midst of making more newspaper pots for transplanting my seedlings when I can get some more soil.
I have been crocheting and sewing etc. doing my usual chores. Actually could rake the woodpile area seeing as it is finally totally thawed. It is amazing how much debris gathers in that area over the course of a winter.
Today I have some cleaning I have been wanting to do that I will get done and planning a meal for my husband. I have a venison roast thawed out and then there is potatoes and carrots I can cook up and might even be able to rustle up a simple salad with not many ingredients in it. but hey it is salad. That is good. I have some pie crusts frozen in my freezer so maybe I will make a rhubarb raisin and apple pie to go with that last little bit of ice-crea
m we have too.
All in all there is lots to do and the day will pass too quickly in the end but prayerfully not before I get most of my list of to do things done.

Teach me thy way, O LORD;
I will walk in thy truth:
unite my heart to fear thy name.
I will praise the, O LORD my God,
with all my heart:
and I will glorify the name for evermore.
Psalm 86:11&12

Have a Pleasant and Wonderful Saturday


Lisa said...

Chicken sweater! What? That's hilarious! Never knew about such a thing!
Hope this find you well and warm.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...
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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I read an article on the subject of chicken sweaters a while back. It said "a knitted chicken jumper or sweater is the latest must-have item for feather-challenged chickens." I have had a few hens who could have benefited from such a thing (how funny). I can only imagine what my neighbors would think if they saw my chickens walking around with sweaters on. Lol. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Linda said...

I sure laughed when I read this, I think this poor dear lady must have way too much time on her hands. One wonders if she has these chickens as pets? ( like I should talk) Chickens can be friendly creatures but they are waayyyy down the scale of intelligence pet-wise. haha