Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

The day is dawning rather damp and dull this morning but I am sure once the house wakes up that the "dull" part will quickly disappear.
Being as there is no television reception here unless you can afford one of those fancy satellite dishes the grandchildren have to come up with things to do out of their imaginations. Well never fear this bunch has enough imagination for an army
of grandchildren ~~there has been time spent sledding on a steep side hill~~man-tracking~~and cops and robbers with robbers being accused of such offenses as stealing underwear off clotheslines, being busted for a "fart-monster",and numerous other serious offenses. hehe. Food has been eaten at every possible waking hour of the day. Boots & felts, snowpants, jackets, gloves, jeans, socks all in various stages of sogginess and believe it or not there has been no moose or coyotes in the vicinity since the arrival of our mighty little hunters. That is okay though as they have spent much time target practising and so there are some very shot up teddy bear types on the place.
Children are now coming to life and I have managed to clean up some kitty cat vomit so I guess the day is off to a roar!
The grampa is still in bed ~~how does he do that?? It is almost 7 a.m. LOL
I have birthday gifts to wrap up
for our little grand-daughter turning four years old today! Time really does fly by.
Everyone is going home this
afternoon. The cats will have to readjust and come out of their hidey holes! haha
I have more bread orders to tend to this week but have to wait for more flour. It is not always that easy for me to run to the corner store. We do have lots of corners but seems no stores are on them! The one store that I worked at in the small village would take close to my year's income to pay for the bag of flour so would rather wait for one of the family members to pick me up one from town and bring it out this way.
After the big Rabbit Rodeo Roundup we had on Friday one of the little scamps has escaped again. I think we are just going to have to dig out the chicken wire and lay it all down on the ground so they can not dig themselves out of the shed. Here is hoping and praying we can build them a nice rabbitry soon. I would like something that they can run around in more so than cages and use the cages only for when some bunny needs isolating for some reason or other. If I could have something where the mamas and babies and papa run in and the females and males that come of age can be separated into runs until butcher time would be m
y dream come true. We shall see as everything takes time not to mention "ingredients"!
I should run and do a couple things here and then rustle up some grub ~~

Because thy lovingkindness is
better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.
Psalm 63:3

Happy Sunday blessings to you


wildernesswoman said...

Hi neighbour ( :
This is wildernesswoman.
We live about 30 kms from the horse trail, but we take the Rosita-Meldrum Forest Road home.
I don't know if you know Burt Gentles but he lives near by.
Are you by Alexis Creek?
We can take back roads over there.
We have Mackin Creek go through our homestead.
Hope we can keep in touch ( :

Linda said...

Hey Roxie, how is the weather up your way? Now shall we hazard a guess whether spring is really here ( I think this unseasonally mild weather is a big ol' trick) or whether a blizzard is hanging around the corner, waiting until some brave but foolish soul plants a few tender young seedlings? haha

Dear hubby packed up all the jars, he figures we have close to 11 dozen , mostly large, but a few small and medium. If you know a time you want to pick them up just give us a call. Our phone number is 778-414-1444 ( yes it is a weird phone number but not a cell and not long distance hehe)

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I love reading your posts and what about that list of serious offenses by those robbers . . . my husband would really enjoy playing with these kids. He says I'm no fun. I see you are taking bread orders, which tells me your bread must be really good. I have been told that I make good biscuits and corn bread but I have never made any other breads. I did manage to bake hubby a chocolate cake this week and I usually don't eat cake but unfortunately I liked this recipe and have eaten a few slices that I most certainly did not need. From now on I will save this recipe for holidays or get-togethers where I can avoid the temptation to indulge. Also speaking of no tv, I wish sometimes we didn't have them. We spend way too much time parked in front of them . . . way too much time. Enjoyed the post and I am looking forward to your next one. Take care.