Monday, October 19, 2009

The weather being nice is a good time to take advantage of it and get some of the outside work done before it is too late. Now my flowers and strawberries are all snuggled under a covering of hay. My bunnies are in the greenhouse and out of their little cages for the winter until I have to put the greenhouse back into use.
Someday I really hope to have a run for rabbits. That would be so fun. Anyway they are super happy bunny wabbits right now.
Our front loader washing machine won't work properly so it is going back to the store our landlady got it from. We will keep the dryer and maybe be able to find someplace in here to put it so it isn't outside and then we have to thaw it out all winter to use it.
It has been quite a day here with folks dropping over for coffee and everyone giving their ideas and opinions on the whys and hows of making this machine work right. Now it is evening time and the moose liver is about to hit the pan the onions are fried and the potatoes are ready to be mashed peas are sitting ready to eat. I have not had time to make any dessert tonight but maybe later on.
We had a great time at our landlady's cabin with us the other couple from the other ranch she owns and some old family friends of hers and our buddy from down the road. Lots of reminicing going on and lots of tales of wild animals and wild peoples (wild as in bushed not wild as in partyers)the lost tribe here that was lost to smallpox and of course there is always the subject of cows!
And talking about cows we have two cows and three calves come in off the range today. So hooray we are getting closer and closer to getting everyone in.
Well folks better go finish with the supper making.

Your faith should not be in the wisdom of men
but in the power of God.
1 Corinthians 2:5

Have a lovely evening all

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Linda said...

Oohhh cute wittle bunnies! Now I have another reason for coming to visit! I have convinced James that no our car will not break down if we drive out there to visit some time in the next few weeks, so we can bring the jars. James says a Friday or Saturday will be best for him ( but not this week because he is having a yucky test at the doctor involving a long tube ewww) I'll phone you ( I actually still use that outdated gadget occasionally)If I forget, phone me to tell me I forgot to phone. heheheh