Friday, October 30, 2009

The Day Unfolded

In the dark of the morning the snow sifted down which it had been doing off and on all night. That strange quietness that envelopes the world in the wee hours of a snowy morning was all present as I let one of the dogs out. In the end we had five inches of very fine wet snow. Instead of the usual oh isn't that a pretty Christmas card picture it gave our part of the world an odd drab white picture. Everything looked wet and almost sad.But inside the house it was warm and cozy and dry. My husband got up looking sad though~~his face swelled up like a cross between a chipmunk with a very full mouth and a bear! It was decided that he would be taken into town to see a dentist. The trip in for them was not that great the roads being absolutely a mess but they did make it in safely and the dentist did take his tooth out. That is he took out what was left of that poor old disintegrating tooth. He drained as much pus out of it as he could and put DH on antibiotics and tylenol 3's. They made it back in time to pick me up from work at the little store/cafe that I just started working at.
I had worked around here doing up things that needed doing as fast as I could so that our landowner friend could drop me off at work on her way to see some friends. Our truck was having issues with keeping air in the tire. Something we will work on today prayerfully
although DH is not allowed to do much of anything except to rest.He was told that if he wasn't feeling better today he was to go into emerg because the poisons of the tooth will be all throughout his body. It was hard enough to get him in to the dentist so here is praying he is feeling better as I am not sure I can battle male stubborness ~~LOL
In the meantime I did work my first day and enjoyed it. I will be cooking for loggers, and the general public, running the till and stocking shelves and cleaning, all the regular types of things one does as cook and waitress. Oh and turning on and off the gas pump from inside the store. It sounds like a lot but really it is a very little store and cafe so my biggest "fear" is running the till. I have always hated dealing with money it flusters me real fast but maybe the L
ORD wants me to get over it at this tender age of mine! haha
The pigs have all been butchered so that chore is over with me just rendering down the last of the lard. I have chunks in a five gallon bucket to deal with yet but not today. Today if we can get the tires changed we are off to visit and deliver some biscuits to a fan/friend. Just going out and away from the ranch for a good part of the day where we are not actually going to work with someone just visit.
The last of the cows are in the big corral so all are in off the range as far as I can tell. One might be another rancher's cow as it is hard to read the brand but we shall see in the daylight.
It has been raining most of the night but we still have snow. Such weird weather. I would like it to just make up its mind one way or the other whether it wants to be winter weather or spring weat
her just quit the up and down thing. Just a couple weeks ago it was below zero farenheit or -20something celcius. Now it is 2 above celcius at just after 6 a.m. Craziness!
Our daughter and son in law have been living with us for the last couple of months and this week-end they are moving out to just down the road a ways. It will seem different to have the house to ourselves again. Partly happy about that and partly sad too! I am sure they will be back and forth alot though as they will need to wash their clothes here so not all sadness.
With the pig butchering our little house was full to the brim with family and friends. Not to forget dead pigs in the living room. That I can honestly say I am happy to be over with. And yes my livi
ngroom looks like a living room again although I still have to dig out some fat from in between the cracks on the plank floor. That will get done today.
It will be interesting to see how the day unfolds here. In the meantime I will go make the morning tea and coffee and get some breakfast going too.

"For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the LORD
"plans to prosper you a
nd not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

In His Hands


Linda said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about poor Dennis and his tooth, those infections can be nasty and oh so painful! I got another root canal coming up ( gee something to look forward to)but suprisingly not too much pain with it. I know what you mean about the snow, we had this huge wet dump here one day and the roads were darn near impassible, the next day it all melted!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Snow...I love snow but I am sure it is because living in the South we seldom see any. Thanks for the birthday wishes, I was happy to hear from you. You have to be one of the busiest women that I know of....a job!!! Take care and I hope your husband is feeling better.