Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Purple Morning

A purplish morning sky coming out of the darkness the day begins~~
I have to admit that today I have a pretty open list of things to do. I have lots of thing I could do but have not actually planned what I should do so I will take time with my next cvp of tea to decide if my list is a should do or a could do list. We have all the potatoes dug up now so that is off my list. Hooray for that. We have some very nice looking spuds at that too.I have a bucket of little tiny beets that I could wash up and pickle. There is a couple of buckets of carrots that could be washed up and done something with too. Right now at this very mome
nt in time it all sounds like work!! LOL maybe after I have a long walk and some breakfast I will just get at something and that will be that.
Exciting news is that I have a huge tomato in the greenhouse that is actually turning a bit of an orange colour. Woo hoo seeing as I have all these tomatoes and all of them are still green. It is super exciting!! :) The green peppers are getting eaten as soon as they look big enough to eat. I am beginning to think we need a whole field of green peppers. That won't happen any time soon though.
We think the large bird that has been around but only spottted off and on since last winter is a lar
ge golden eagle. It is not an immature bald eagle at least I don't think so. We do have a nest of bald eagles here. But this bird does not have the underwing colouring that is in my little bird book. It makes the sound of an eagle. Our daughter and her husband saw it climb up out of the river yesterday. It walked (yes it walked) up the bank and into the bush. It is quite a big and impressive bird.
It flew very low over my head making a sort of high pitched scree- type sound earlier in the morning when I was down walking through the haymeadow. It found a tree that it likes to sit on on the other side of the river and watched the dogs and I. Every time we see this bird it takes us by surprise and you don't always get a very good look at it. Sometimes wondering if you really saw such a thing in the first place.
The morning sky has been such a display of purple hues turn to red to golden hues. It is just glowing even though there are big clouds. It will be interesting to see what the day tu
rns out to be.
Dennis is off to haul hay off the fields at the other ranch. He thinks it will take up to ten days to get all the hay off and into the stack yard. In the meantime our daughter and son-in-law will do things here. It really does not take too long to find something to do around here.

Delight yourself in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires
of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

May your day be filled with wonders
God Bless

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