Sunday, September 13, 2009

Its Sunday~~

Things really do get away on me at times. It has been a little while since I have written on here so maybe a little update is in order.
Starting with today and working my way back ~~as I sit here in the early morning darkness sipping a cup of tea I have this list of things going through my head. There will be the 3rd annual Poker Ride from here starting at 11 this morning w
ith last rider out at 2pm. The Rodeo club will be using my front porch to set up their "concession stand". A barbecue etc. So it would probably be nice of me to remove all the doggie bones that are there. I am thinking of making cinnamon buns but am still sipping tea.
My husband has to be up soon to go help with the haying. I am hoping he will be okay as he wasn't walking very good last night when he got in from helping some of our sons and a friend with getting firewood. They had a long day of it yesterday and got somewhere in the neighbourhood of seven cords of wood.
Our son-in-la
w finished oiling the log house he was oiling and is happy with the end results. He is getting pretty excited for his wife (our daughter) to come up. She will be here late Monday night. They haven't seen each other for a few weeks now.
Our garden that was a lot of work with lots of weeds is finished now thanks to the herd of cattle that harvested it. We are hoping to dig up the potatoes Monday if they haven't trampled them to pulp.
Our summer
has been incredibly busy with fencing, pushing cows out to the range only for them to come back down to the ranch only to be pushed back again.It actually would be pretty hard to write down all that we have done this summer. No big vacations though although we did make it for a couple of days away from here and took in my uncle and auntie's 50th wedding anniversary. That was fun and got to remeet relatives I have not seen for many years. Even my older cousin who wrote a book about the Red Lake area where she and my dad and family grew up. On our way home we stayed at my brother and wife's home.They took us tom my cousins' for a visit. A lot of visiting crammed into 3 days. We are home now and back at the usual and thoroughly enjoying being home. Love to visit but there is something about your own bed and your own cup of tea in your own kitchen no matter how humble it may be.

For You are my lamp, O LORD;
The LORD shall enlighten my darkness.
2 Samuel 22:29

The sky is lighting up enough to see outlines
so better let some dogs out and get

myself on a roll.
God Bless all of you with a wonderful Sunday

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