Sunday, September 20, 2009


A cool breeze sifted in through our bedroom window. Little stars poked out of the dark sky. An owl hoo hooing out there somewhere not far off. Getting up to this chilly morning, stepping over a dog, one of the cats yawns and stretches out a paw, not wanting me to disturb him. It seems once the days decide to get shorter it surely doesn't take them long to do exactly that.Not long ago the birds were twittering at 4 in the morning and the lightness of day was well on its way. Now it is closer to 6 before the lightness is really showing another day is in the making. There is a good frost on everything as it is a few degrees below the freezing point. Dogs are walking about sniffing the still crispy air. Mist rises off the meadow where some cattle are grazing, some are still bedded down. Canada geese come in for the landing. They love grazing in the hay-meadow this time of the year. It is quiet and very still. Not even a leaf is moving at the moment. I love this time of the day. Ravens are coming in to land in the big aspen tree outside my window. They love that tree all year round but really take to it this time of the year and through the winter they sit in it making their raven talk for "hurry up and get out here and feed us" LOL I really have no idea what they are saying but I make a few glook glook type sounds in the winter even if I do not see them and put their food on a stump. They will come gliding in. If nothing else they know that strange sounding squawking means the day's meal is served. First to the aspen then they will take turns slipping down to the stump. One always on the lookout duty. Some are very selfish and will try to take all the food they can, some of them are shy and suspicious and approach the feeding stump very cautiously taking some scrap of food and off they go. Sort of like people hey?
Being as it is Sunday today we know we will get company by mid morning. I will get something baked to share around and the coffee will be ready, filling the house with its aroma. Our church service out here is in the early evening after supper unless it is potluck night. That is once a month usually at the end of the month. I love that time together.
We got a couple of my smaller pressure canner full of jars of winter squash done up yesterday. I can use it for "pumpkin" pie filling or soups or whatever. Half will go to my daughter and husband as they bought half of the squashes. This one was quite big and for some reason was getting a mushy spot so we did not want to waste it. Now it is in quart jars. I still have my little beets and carrots to do up. The cows were nice enough to leave some of those for us. They are pretty tiny so will probably just pickle them. Tea cup is empty now so I will be off for another cup here.

Because Your lovingkindness is better
than life,
My lips shall praise You.
Psalm 63:3

Enjoy your day the LORD hath made

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Linda said...

Hi Roxy! So nice to read your blog again and I even get to view it on HIGH SPEED!! Yes I have stepped one more toe into the New Millenium . ( but only a toe)Hope you're fall is going well and your canning is productive! I was wondering , do you or any of your kids need some canning jars? We've got boxes of them to give to someone who can use them! I'll leave you my new phone number in your facebook.

big blessings and hugs!