Saturday, August 8, 2009

hmmm Tornadoes!?

The sky has been hazed over by smoke, smoke and more smoke. What part of our province isn't smokey? Everywhere there is fires. One son phoned to wish his papa Happy birthday Last night and it was even smokey there in the Yukon. A daughter in the far northwestern corner of the province said there is a big fire near them too. Our big fire has reached 4000 hectares according to the grapevine ~~
The hay is coming off the meadow. I have had some time on the tractor moving bales too. Not loading them though not quite at that professional stage yet. LOL
Yesterday in the early afternoon a wind came up while I was hanging out a little bit of laundry. I was thinking to myself man I am going to have to put lots of pins on these clothes to get them to stay on the line or maybe I should just take them off and put them in the dryer. The trees started getting whipped around and a strange sound like water in a large hose gone out of control I was thinking of the fire near us and looked to that direction to see if there was flames or something when down the river comes a whirlwind "water devil" instead of a dust devil. Hmm I will have to tell Dennis about this I thought as he slowly pulled out into the meadow with the tractor and trailer and the Blueberry dog trotting alongside him. Suddenly my little whirlwind thing got very big and very fast. Coming towards me. I am rooted in fascination to the spot by the clothesline when the water whirlwind started picking up huge pieces of debris off the river and banks heading straight for me. I was about to run when it just as suddenly changed direction and headed for some dead trees on a rise in the meadow. If you have ever seen the Tasmanian Devil that is what this was like as it tore up the trees ripping the old dead bark and branches off of them high into the air. Down it goes now it is heading for Dennis, the tractor and the dog. They have no idea. The huge chunks of wood and other debris is swirling madly high up in the air. Some of it being spit out here and there. I am praying Lord get Dennis to speed up or turn around it is going to hit him and it will kill the dog. She wouldn't have had a hope the wood chunks it was carrying were bigger and heavier than her so she would have just been swept up. Strangely the thing turned and headed for the river again down there. The debris flying here and there. some of it still being carried high high up in the air. For those of you who live in tornado areas this would have been nothing but here it is not the usual. the first time I have seen anything carry that much heavy wood and water with it. It really only took a few moments all in all. Very fast and very strange.
Today some of our family is coming out to have a birthday supper with the papa or granpa depending on your perspective of this special man of mine.
He should be finished hauling this hay today too. all is well here Even if the smoke is thick. There are actually clouds in the sky this morning. We can see the sky so maybe we will soon see some rain that would be nice. Apparently our daughter up north said it had started raining there so maybe it will head down this way.

But as for you,
Be strong and do not give up,
for your work will be rewarded.
2 Chronicles 15:7
Have a nice Saturday

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