Friday, March 30, 2012

Blessings of Home Life

Bread risingI sometimes think the blessings of home-life are not given much praise. The sweeping and washing of floors. Endless dishes to wash after the making and cooking of meals. The laundry that piles up waiting for washing. Toilets that need scrubbing. Cobwebs that need to be swept down from ceilings. Not to mention the cupboards that are needing re-tidying and re-organizing. Closets and dresser drawers that are hard to close because of overcrowding.Porches to tidy, little bums to clean, phones to answer, internet to look at, books to read, sewing to do and all kinds of other handiwork. And all that and still look as fresh as a daisy. That did not include the cow to milk or a calf to pull or a chicken house to clean, a garden to weed or to plant so you can weed. And on and on BUT still the blessings of freshly baked bread. The smell of homemade soup.  Being able to eat off of clean dishes. Not afraid to use the bathroom cause it looks so nice a clean. Climbing into a fresh smelling nicely made bed after a long hard days work. There are so many sweet blessings of the daily living in the homes God has blessed us with. I only pray that all of you who have a home will feel the honour that has been bestowed upon you. That you can truly look upon this as a blessing and not a drudgery. That you can take a quiet pride in all that you do even if the family does not fully comprehend all that you do.


odiie said...

Sometimes I wonder if I took a week off and went somewhere, maybe they'd see all that I'm responsible for and value me more. Isn't that awful? I think as women, we really need to be needed. Send an email via my blog if you get a chance.

honeyclarck said...

You made some good points there about ExamSheets. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.