Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moon Washing

It actually gets dark here now around 10 pm~~That is until the moon comes up and washes the dark away. The we are bathed in moonlight. Don't you just love that? So pretty.

This photo was taken in 2009 but my dog that is on the leash was still alive then. I don't have many photos of her so this kind of touches my heart. She was a great friend even though she was a brat at times. The reason she is on a leash is that if she was let off when the other two were loose with her she would take them off into the bush for many many hours. Not too good. The other two will stick around but as soon as the ring-leader came out to play they would be long gone. They have no self-discipline. Easily led astray. She was good and stuck around if by herself. Go figure. The photo is taken out at the back end of the ranch.

Today I have ironing to do and all that exciting stuff. Lots of outdoor things to do.

It would be good to be able to get to some heirloom sewing patterns for children. That would be fun to do if I can squeeze in some time. First off though I should probably finish organizing my sewing area so you can get to the sewing machine without breaking your neck. LOL I am trying to put it inot some kind of logical order but I am sttarting to wonder how much logic is in that??!!

When I have a little more time I will post some of the projects I have completed . for now I will just put this one of the crocheted dress I crocheted for one of our grand-daughter's birthday.

In the meantime I had better get at some breakfast and some chores around here before I get fired! haha now there's an idea~~

The LORD is my strength and my shield;

my heart trusted in Him,

and I am helped.

Psalm 28:7

Have a dog gone good day



Gentleliving7 said...

Good morning! I love reading your blog again!!! I am so very happy that we found each other again. God bless you!

Gramma Roxanne said...

yee haaa I am glad you found me too

Gentleliving7 said...

I made some changes to my comment thing. I hope this will help you be able to leave comments.

Teresa said...

I'm running behind in blog browsing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that little pink crocheted dress! I also like the pic of your dogs! When it becomes nighttime here, it is mostly dark, moon shows a little reflection, but not a huge amount. It is much different than in your section of the world. So neat to hear how it is elsewhere.

Linda said...

Hi there!! Love reading your posts! Love the leaf background you have on it! I have some lovely children's patterns. I have been picking them up from the thrift store and garage sales through the years. I'd be happy to lend them to you. If they fall apart while you use them, we'll say a fond farewell and then for use making a fire! SMILE!!