Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blackwater River Ranch

Mornings are taking longer now here in this corner of the Cariboo country. The birds would wake us up with their twittering and anxiousness to start the day at a quarter to three in the morning just a few short weeks ago~~Now they start their day sometime after five. The sun is taking longer and longer to hit the cabins and bless us with its presence. But at least we are getting sunshine. The "summer" has been fairly cold and extremely rainy. So much so that the rivers flooded and are just now starting to get back into their rightful spots. The hay meadows are still wet and the garden that was under five feet or so of water is now down to being quite soft. The mushroom picking (morels) was pretty decent until even the mushrooms couldn't stand the rain anymore. We have wild strawberries big and sweet. They are so abundant it is just wonderful. The raspberry plants are taller than me and loaded with ripening berries. My husband has picked a container full of ripe deep purply blue juicy saskatoon berries too. Wild blueberries are so plentiful and soon they too will be ready for the picking.

It has been sometime since the last time I have been able to blog but I am now back in cyber space thinking I am pretty KOOL too! LOL

The weed whacking has been done, house work is done, animals are fed and wateredand relaxing in the heat they are so not use to. The men folk have gone down the road to pick up fishermen that are on tour and bring them and their raft and gear back up.

Tonight we will have a wonderful supper with friends that are camping here for a few more days. Fresh Blackwater River trout. Mmmm!

The blackflies and no-see-ums are alive and well shredding us and livestock and wild critters. All that rain and now the heat Perfect breeding conditions.

There are so many beautiful wild flowers and tall grasses covering the wildfire area now that it is hard to believe it was such a fire. If one looks you can still see the blackened earth that burned so hot. The trees are easily spotted as they stand out black against the backdrop of green.

There are fifty-seven eggs in my incubator so I have high hopes of seeing some baby chicks later this month.

In the meantime dear friends I must be on my way to complete some more chores.

The earth is full

of the goodness

of the LORD. Psalm 33:5

God's Blessings be upon you



Teresa said...

I found my wonderful friend! This is Teresa! I loved reading your blog, catching up. I'm so glad the flood waters have finally receded. I'm sure not half as glad as you are, though!

Gramma Roxanne said...

I am so glad you found me Teresa Yahoo

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

So glad to hear from you again. Love reading about your life. Thanks for sharing.


Gramma Roxanne said...

Good Morning Elizabeth~ I looked at the postings of your daughter's baby shower. Wowie that was quite the shower. I tried to send you a message but I am not sure what to do there and it won't let me post ~~not very computer schmart