Friday, June 25, 2010

May and June

I can hardly believe that over a month has gone past since the last time I wrote anything on here. I am not sure I could actually tell all that is happening here or has happened but just to get things back on a roll I will try to summarize the last month.
May eventually brought us around to the sorting, branding, ringing(of little and not so little bull calves) that was an all day till midnight event that brought us to the next day of the shipping them down to our place which was another all day event that ended around midnight. The next day was putting them out on range and believe it or not that went fairly smoothly and did not take up the whole day. Whew!!
We have been busy with fencing and trying to get our garden in. Which is almost finished and really starting to come up. Now to keep the bears and the deer out of it and never forget the cows that come down off range and break in to destroy all your hard work in one night!! I was thinking an electrified fence set on the barbeque setting. There is that setting on those things is there not??The fencing ~~well the fencing is never done ~~ever! Just when you think it is all done a moose runs through it or a bear crashes it or just so you don't get bored the LORD has a few trees dropped on it. so yeah there is always fencing.
The bugs are a happy lot these days. There are pesky mosquitoes, blackflies, horseflies, deerflies, blowflies, bees, baldface bees, hornets, wasps, little tiny bees, big fuzzy bees, flying ants, beetles and spiders, no-see-ems, the list goes on. The butterlies and the lady bugs being my very favourites.
Sandhill cranes fill the air with their not so melodic song. Pileated woodpeckers sit in a tree by the garden banging away on deadwood and giving us a badtime for being there.
The wild raspberries are starting to get flowers. The wild strawberries are starting to bear fruit.
Today the wandering bull is going back on the range where he is suppose to be. Our agenda for the day will start with putting him out there after we have breakfast and do chores here. We have high hopes of finishing with the garden if we can get on it in this wetness. And getting the fence done around the meadow so we can open the pasture gate to the pasture by the garden for horses and our cow and calf.
I have some sourdough batter mixed up to make bread so somehow somewhere in all this I do have to get that done and there is always meals to attend to and seeing as the housecleaning fairy hasn't stopped by for awhile I will just have to tend to that myself.
The afghan I am working on is coming along. It is so fun. Sometimes I wish I could just sit and do that. But alas and alack that is not going to happen anytime soon. Birthdays are numerous for the next couple months so I will have to squeeze making gifts for those into my days. Boredom is not on the agenda!!
Tomorrow we are off for the day to a neighbouring ranch(about 45 minutes away) to kill and butcher a very mean heifer. Our big outing!!

The LORD God is my strength;
He will make my feet like deer's feet,
And He will make me walk on my high hills.
Habakkuk 3:19

Have a wonderful Friday and week-end

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

ALWAYS busy. Things have been busy around here too but nothing in comparison to your place. I have been slowed down a bit by a broken big toe but I'm not letting it keep me down. My garden is starting to produce. I have been getting summer squash, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and okra. Peas will be ready this week. I hope your garden survives the deer, bears, and cows and does as well. I also hope you have a nice week and will be looking forward to another post from you.