Monday, April 5, 2010

Blackwater River Ranch Easter

Easter bunnies hop here and there wherever they please here on the ranch. It seems lately that they do not have to follow the rules of staying in their shed shelter. No matter how you fix it up they can find a new way out. I have managed to catch a few and have them in little cages. There they stay put unable to dig their way out of those so far. Meanwhile we (that is the royal we meaning mostly the man of the house or ranch) is building a new shelter for bunny rabbits. It will have a nice run and three pens so to speak. one for the young bucks, when they are old enough to separate from the mama bunny, one for the young does, and the middle run for the mamas and babies and the daddy. I hope I can find the daddy that is. He left one day and is a gentle old soul and one of the dogs chased him. I have not seen him since but he may be living with the bunnies that are under a shed and coming out and have a great time in the round bales. Like I said they have little shelters for themselves any old place they feel like taking up lodgings. Some are big enough now to put in the stew pot so they may not have to worry about lodgings much longer. And seeing as they did not lay any coloured eggs the stew pot is a very good place for them!!
Then there is the cow! The cow that goes on a rampage ever so often. She charges her big round bale and stomps it to make sure it is good and dead and butts it and continues to terrorize it just daring it to fight back. Puts the chase on the so called
"cow-dogs" scaring the tar out of them. Even to the point of jumping in the truck one day! Has become very demanding of her feed of grain. That is alright Jezebel you too are going to end up in the stew pot.
The wind blew over our hard frozen land all this last week. For the Easter week-end the wind stayed with us keeping us nice and cold to the bones. Temperatures dropping way below the freezing point and only rising somewhat above the freezing point during the day. Sometimes there was sun rays shining down upon us. Teasing us. We have had snow and hail too. Believe it or not the river has opened right up. You can tell it is a river now. There is still lots of ice on the banks. Huge huge blocks of ice but the water is making itself heard now. The Canada Geese, the swans and all kinds of ducks are in their glory. Through the night you can hear them chattering away
to each other as they drift the river.
Our Easter has been a quiet but busy one here at the ranch. We have seen the odd vehicle going up or coming down the dirt road.
We were invited to supper last night at a neighbour's house. That was a fun time. And a very delicious meal. And a pleasant way to spend Resurrection Sunday to be sure.
Today it is back to sewing, sewing, sewing. I will make our Easter supper to share with our youngest daughter who will be back from house-sitting one of her older brother's and family's place later today.
I will watch the sun rise from its cold bed and the bunnies happily hopping about. Their will be grazing Canada Geese and gracefully swimming swans. Crazed cow. Cautious dogs and yeowling cats. We have a Go
lden Eagle back and even a few robins. Spring has sprung and the big garden is out from under its covering of snow. The flower gardens still hidden under their blanket of mulch (which I lifted up in spots to peak under)lie frozen but there is hope. Seems every year the grass gets green and the buds begin to appear. We do have lots of pussy willows. That in itself proves that spring is here in the Cariboo country too.

The LORD is my portion,
saith the soul;
therefore will I hope in him.
Lamentations 3:24

Praying God's Blessings be Upon You this day


wildernesswoman said...

We had a quiet Easter too. Didn't go anywhere and am still sick with this Bronchitis.
I wanted to ask you how your garden grows where you are?
I'm going to try the hay bale garden system this year, because we get so many frost during the summer it will be easy to cover the vegeys at night.
Plus the bales will add extra protection too.
Happy day to you ( :

Linda said...

Let me know if those bunnies lay any gold Easter eggs. I'll come running for a bunny round up! haha Do we dare hope that spring is really here? I laughed at the description of the old cow, I know how she feels, she's probably going through "the change of life" haha

Linda said...

Popping by to say Hi and hope you had a great weekend and hoping against all hope that you didn't get any snow! Bless you!!

wildernesswoman said...

The weekend was so cold with some snow.
Will be nice when the weather really warms up.
Hope you are having a fantastic day ( :