Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Day I think?!

Well this has been interesting as since early this morning I have not been able to post anything . As a matter of fact I have not been able to open or even go to this blog of mine. It tells me I am denied access~~
Apparently that is a not unusual thing to have happen but why me?? I do not know enough about computers to have nasty tricks like that from cyber space.
so I was going to tell all of you about the incandescent moonbeams shining on the snow making the sparkles dazzle and dance between moonshadows. I may have been going to tell you all about what I was planning for the day. Not sure anymore being as I got so frustrated with the whole thing.
I am not even sure I trust this internet nonsense now. things might be quicker and all with internet and one may be able to contact old friends and loved ones and even some new friends through internet but oh my what a fine pickle one is in when it doesn't want to work right and you have to stare at in utter amazed confusion carefully touching a key hoping you won't blow the whole thing to beyond repair!
So in fear and trepidation here I be mostly an experiment to see if it is still going to publish this. What can I say~~? If it works then I will actually write about something tomorrow...God Bless Roxanne


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

It's working...looking forward to your post tomorrow.


Gramma Roxanne said...

I can sometimes read my blog and sometimes post but mostly 403 access forbidden comes up and nothing so still trying to get it to work oh bother

Gramma Roxanne said...

I also can not get to any of my followers but for some reason it is allowing me to post comments so maybe I have to post comments till I figure this mess out

Linda said...

OOhhh I have SO been there. I've been griping about these issues since I opened my own blog. I've learned that blogger and low speed internet are NOT friends. Sometimes it helps to go to bloggers main site and then to your blog. Sometimes you have to do a computer restart. Sometimes you clean out your internet cookies and then it works. Usually by then I'm too frustrated to even I do so LOVE your blog, it makes me feel like I'm sitting right beside you, drinking a cup of tea and smelling the wood stove smoke and that wonderful scent of fresh bread!!